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The screw closure fits onto a 38 mm neck of a plastic container and is featured with a tamper evidence band, which breaks after the first opening. Inserted with sealing wad for leakage proof. 

Product Description:
Our tamper-obvious screw closure is designed to provide a stable and reliable sealing answer in your plastic packing containers. Specifically engineered to fit onto a 38 mm neck, this closure ensures product integrity and client safety through its innovative design and strong construction.

Key Features:
Tamper-Evident Band: This screw closure is geared up with a tamper-obvious band that breaks upon the primary commencing. This function guarantees that clients can easily become aware of whether or not the product has been previously opened, imparting an introduced layer of safety and consideration.

Leakage Proof: The closure comes with an inserted sealing wad, which successfully prevents leaks. This guarantees that the contents stay securely contained, keeping product nice and decreasing the threat of spillage for the duration of transportation and dealing with.

Durable Construction: Made from tremendous plastic, our screw closure is built to withstand normal use at the same time as maintaining its integrity. The fabric guarantees a decent match and regular overall performance, presenting dependable protection for your products.

Neck Size: Specifically designed to suit onto a 38 mm neck, making it well suited with a wide range of plastic containers utilized in various industries.

Versatile Use: Ideal to be used with quite a few liquid and semi-liquid merchandise, together with private care items, family cleaners, and different consumable items that require stable packaging.

Consumer Safety:
The tamper-glaring characteristic makes it especially appropriate for merchandise that demand high safety standards, ensuring peace of thoughts for each producers and consumers.