Our glass bottles, identified by their signature DIN 18 MM neck standard, are a global choice for packaging a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, homeopathic medicines, and cosmetic formulations such as face serums, hair serums, essential oils, carrier oils, and diffuser oils.
5 ML 
10 ML 
15 ML 
20 ML 
30 ML 
30 ML (1 Oz) – 20 MM Neck Boston Series
50 ML 
100 ML 
120 ML (4 Oz) – 22 MM Neck Boston Series

It Comes with a Wide Range of Cap, Dropper and Pump  

  • Optionslistedasbelow
  • Euro Droppers and Cap 
  • Gravity Droppers and Caps
  • Glass Droppers
  • Aluminum Droppers
  • Mist Pumps
  • Serum Pumps 
  • You Can Further Customise your Product with Below Decorations
  • Frosting (Etching) on Glass
  • Screen Printing 
  • Colour Coating 

ShubhPro Pack Pvt. Ltd., we are proud to distinguish ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and repairers of glass bottles for cosmetics, personal care, hair care and perfumes. Our wide range of products includes hair serums, face serums, moisturizers, face creams, skin serums, facial oils, foundations, lip and nose tints, blushes, and more

Key features of the product:

High-Quality Glass: Our products are made from highly clear and gloss-clear glass, ensuring excellent quality.

Post-Production Treatments: We offer a variety of treatments such as frosting, stamping, paint coating, metallization and foil stamping to enhance the aesthetics of our bottles and offer many branding options.

We are proud to say that over 70% of the face serums in India are packaged in bottles offered by ShubhPro Pack.

Our Offerings:

Widest range: We have the widest range of out-of-box bottles and closures, including pumps and tubes to meet the needs of a variety of customers

In ShubhPro Pack Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to providing superior packaging solutions that elevate your product and brand.

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