Our cream containers are made with a sturdy thickness to perfectly hold the cream without causing any damage. The smooth finish of our jars ensures there are no sharp plastic edges that could harm your end users. We offer a variety of colors to enhance your packaging and labeling for a superior final look. We use high-quality plastic to ensure our products are top-notch.

Versatile Usage: These jars are of excellent quality and designed for brands to use with creams, moisturizers, gels, body butter, powders, whitening creams, lip balm, shaving cream, anti-aging cream, and various other products in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and homeopathy.

Ideal for Premium and Standard Ranges: Perfect for skincare, foundation cream, healthcare, personal care creams, anti-wrinkle creams, eye gels, cosmetics, foundations, and body balms.

Customization Options: Available in different materials, colors, designs, and storage capacities. Materials used include stainless steel, aluminum, and recyclable PP or HDPE. These jars are lightweight, compact, and have the required wall thickness. The wide mouth design makes it easy to access the stored cream. The easy-to-open and close lid prevents moisture, air, and dust from entering, maintaining the original quality of the cream inside.



Cream Jar

Country of Origin

Made in India




Transparent, clear, white or any coor


25-300 ml

We use the best plastic available in the market, HDPE. HDPE plastic is highly non-reactive and structurally strong, ensuring it does not damage the product inside or allow external forces to cause harm. Unlike many other plastics, HDPE has no expiration date and is environmentally friendly. It is also recyclable, adding value to our product even after its initial use.